Thursday, October 13, 2011

32 Weeks!

Holy Cow!  The weeks continue to fly by!  Suddenly, we find ourselves at 32 Weeks!  LESS THAN 6 weeks to go! 

Babies should be weighing in at almost 4 pounds each!  They measure just under 19 inches long!  When I cheated and looked ahead the next few weeks, it states that the babies should each gain a half pound and a half inch per week, from now until delivery!  Wow!!

Just for the sake of keeping it real, I will say that my body has begun to feel the effects of being V-E-R-Y pregnant!  At night, I switch off from sleeping on my left side to my right side, back to the left, then right, etc.  At this point, that works for a few hours, then my hips are so sore, neither side is a good choice, so sleeping sitting up becomes necessary.  I have had moments with swollen feet and ankles, and a few days where walking is painful due to the pressure I feel on my pelvis.

As my doctor so accurately pointed out, I have basically been "full term" for several weeks now. That means that this is all to be expected and VERY minor compared to what we could be dealing with at this point.  I think it is SO important to keep things in perspective! 

And the belly continues to grow....
32 Weeks

So tell me...Is black still slimming for me?  :)

My mom arrives today!  She is here for only a short time, but I am really looking forward to spending some time together!  She is going to come with me to my appointment tomorrow morning, where we will have an ultrasound, so that should be fun!  I will of course update after my appointment! 

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!  :)


  1. I have been reading your blog for ages and have to say you are an amazing person, i hope it all goes really well for you and i look forward to the pictures!!
    take care and have a lovely time with your mum, she must be so proud of you,x

  2. now THAT is a baby belly...and an awesome one. congrats on 32 weeks!

  3. You are freakin ADORABLE! I love these posts!

  4. I just can't believe you're 32 weeks!! You still look so amazing!! XO

  5. Jeni, You look beautiful. I so appreciate your outlook and perspective. It's so helpful to hear your positive thoughts. Keep them coming.


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