Friday, April 29, 2011

A Little Of This, A Little Of That

Just following up on a couple things:

First of all, my first prenatal yoga class was last night and it was awesome!!  It was so nice to escape from the craziness of the real world for an hour!  The instructor was very thorough and also very cautious which helped me to feel comfortable.  My body felt so relaxed and loose after the class!  There were 7 of us in the class and all of the girls and the instructor were very supportive and moved when I introduced myself and explained that the babies I am carrying belong to 2 men from NYC!  I was the only one in the class carrying twins, but I was surprised to learn that there was another gestational carrier in the class!  What are the odds?!  She was 35 weeks, so I'm not sure how much longer she'll be coming to the class.  There were several girls there that I felt a real connection with, so I'm hoping to build on those relationships!

Second, lots of people have been asking if I am showing yet.  I still say "no", I am not, although I am definitely READY!!  I would much rather have babies showing than to have the "thick" look that I'm sportin' these days!  :) Lol!  If the research I've done is true though...I could start showing any time now!  I figured I would post a pic for you all so that you will be able to see the difference when it finally looks like I'm pregnant instead of just enjoying a few extra cookies!!  :)   It doesn't get any more form fitting than my yoga gear, so brace yourselves people....

8 Weeks!
Lastly, if you're up for taking a trip down memory lane.....  6 years ago tonight, Rick, Skyler, my sister Jill and I had just sat down at Chili's and ordered chips and salsa when I had the strangest feeling.  I froze in my tracks. My eyes got big,  I had to do a double check.  Yep, my water had just broken!  12 hours later, Savannah Faith came into this world!  The last 6 years have flown by, but they've been some pretty great years! 

Happy 6th Birthday to MY baby, Savvy!!


  1. Happy birthday to your daughter and YAY for 8 weeks! :D

  2. Girl you aren't thick nor do you look pregnant!! You look great!!!!!!!!

  3. Looking good! And Happy b-day to your daughter!

  4. How cute are you?? You look awesome!! And happy birthday, Savvy!! :) Glad you enjoyed the yoga class!

  5. Yay for your very first belly pic!! I love it...keep 'em coming! I really like to see the change as each week passes--so amazing! And OMG how awesome is it that there is another GS in your yoga class. Very, very cool. Happy birthday to your sweet girl. My son is turning 6 next month. I still can't believe it.

  6. As my mom would say, "you look like you need a cookie", not like you've had too many!


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