Sunday, April 17, 2011

Take Cover! I Might Explode!!

I feel a  bit like a can of Pillsbury rolls!   My jeans is gettin' a leetle tight!!!  The tighter they get, the more I fear the button is going to burst and injure someone. could lose an eye!

No, I am not "showing".  No, I am not getting fat. At least I hope not!!  The best way to describe it is it seems that all of my available fat has slowly congregated around my middle!  Lovely.  Goodbye was good knowin' ya!  :)  Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing fatness, I choose to see  a nice fluffy down comforter keeping those babies nice and cozy.  Some days I buy that image...others...not so much.  :)

Originally, I wasn't exactly looking forward to wearing maternity clothes.  Let's face it...fashionable maternity clothes can be hard to come by!!  But now I am fearing that they will be a necessity sooner rather than later!  Maybe I can get by with a Belly Band for a while!!  For those of you who don't know what a Belly Band is, it is one of the world's greatest inventions!  A fabric band that goes over your jeans and belly that allows you to wear pre-pregnancy jeans, unbuttoned, without finding said jeans around your ankles! Lol!! 

Yes, I know it is vain, but I want to look as fashionable as possible
 while I am pregnant!  A girl can still look good, even though
she's got a watermelon under her shirt, right?! 

So here's to my belly....and all of it's changing shapes over the next 7 months!


  1. I've never tried the belly bands, but they look cool!!

  2. Heck. I need a belly band too! Maybe I could fit into some of my "pre-hitting thirty years old" jeans ;)

  3. A Pea In The Pod has very cute fashionable clothes.

  4. Ash lived in a belly band and her regular pants/shorts during her pregnancy with Emma. We're only a couple weeks ahead of you and Ash is feeling the same way you are. We're blaming it on the meds :)

  5. I used Belly bands and found my pants still fell down lol But that was when I think I really needed to just wear maternity clothes.
    Have you seen Reform Jeans? They are truly AWESOME!!!! Check them out!!! They grow with you and then turn into non mat jeans when your not pregnant...and totally dont look like mat jeans...They are great. The place I work at is getting them and Im so excited.

  6. okay sold! I'm going out to find the Belly bands and I'm def gunna check out the Reform Jeans, thanks for the great info~

  7. LOVE the belly band!!!! I'm 7.5 mnths and still using it. It was the greatest thing invented!!

  8. Me gusta Belly Bands!! :-) Although I did have to finally break down and get some maternity pants this weekend...sigh

  9. Shooot, I still wear my belly band and I am 2.5 years postpartum! ;) LOVE the belly band!


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