Friday, April 1, 2011

San Diego Bound

I am looking forward to heading to San Diego today for my sister Jill's (Spidey's favorite girl) 1/2 Ironman Triathlon in Oceanside! The weather looks like it's going to be gorgeous and I am excited about sitting in my lawn chair catching some rays, while Jill works her butt off!!  :)   I am so proud of all of my siblings who have participated in some pretty amazing athletic events.  My sister Joanie is an avid tennis player...plays like 8 days a week!  George gave her a run for her money the first time the guys came to Denver!  Better brush up on them tennis skills George... Joanie is planning on a re-match on your next visit!!  :-)   My brother Kenny likes just about any athletic challenge that includes the word "EXTREME" and markets itself towards people who could very well have lost their minds.  Long Distance (think 100 trail miles without stopping) running and biking are his specialty!  Extreme elevation changes and weather only make the adventure "more enjoyable" for him.  Crazy.

Me???? Well.....I cheer for them...... I enjoy me some volleyball here and there. 

Wow.  Seems so piddly compared to the sibs, huh?! 

Oh!!  I know!! I know!!!!  I am having babies!!!!!  For 2 fantastic guys!!!!!

Yeah....I'm pretty sure I've got 'em beat!  :-)

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!  Talk to ya on Monday!

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