Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pregnancy and Nutrition

I have spent quite a bit of time researching nutrition during pregnancy.  I like to think I am a healthy person.  I try to stick to healthy foods and avoid unhealthy foods.  I monitor my weight.  Like a hawk.  I am definitely not perfect....but I stick to the 90/10%  rule pretty well.  I have learned about how much weight I should plan on gaining during this pregnancy (gulp), and about when those pounds should be put on.  I thought I would share with you a little of what I have learned!  Keep in mind, I have been researching twin pregnancies because that's what we have here, right????  RIGHT??????

I should plan on gaining 35-45 pounds.  (Deep breath in through the nose, out through the mouth)  :-)  4-6 of those pounds should be in the first trimester.  Weight gain so far....2 I'm right on track!  Then I can plan on gaining about 1.5 pounds every week thereafter. (Fanning myself while practicing previous breathing technique)  Lol!  I kid, of course!!  Clearly, weight gain is just part of this process and I feel confident that I am able to manage both my weight gain during this pregnancy, and my weight loss post pregnancy!  Another interesting fact I came across is that studies have shown that gaining 24 lbs. by 24 weeks reduces your chances of pre-term labor!  Obviously especially important with a twin pregnancy!! I'm planning on using the 24 by 24 technique!!! order to gain weight, one's diet obviously must change.  Pre-pregnancy, I stuck to a 1200-1500 calorie/day plan.  This has changed just a smidge.  :-)  Technically,  I need to add 300 calories per baby to my daily intake.  Not to mention that 1200-1500 calories is not enough for a baseline when it comes to pregnancy.  I am now trying to get in around 2500 calories/day.  Needless to say...I am suddenly consuming WAY more calories than I am used to.  Now some of this is easy.  Instead of light yogurt, I eat full-fat.  Same with peanut butter, bread, etc.  I am still trying to stick to lean meats and fruits and veggies.  The extra calories add up fast...but has been an adjustment for me as I add up my foods during the day!  I have also been so much more aware of EVERY ingredient that I put into my mouth!!  I am now a Whole Foods customer because I grew tired of label reading at the grocery store I usually shop at!!  I have been shocked and dismayed at the ingredient list in some of the foods that I have lived on for who knows how long!!!  I have been an avid label reader...but mostly I was just looking at calories/fat/sugar/sodium.  Now, I am preparing a meal for someone else's things have changed.  They don't need anything artificial, right???  Give 'em the good stuff!  :-)

Since I didn't have a whole lot of unhealthy vices pre-pregnancy, there is not much that I have had to "give up" since becoming pregnant.  My biggest vice was diet soda.  I had at least one every day.  I know...shame on me...but I find it SOOOOO delicious!!!  :-)  Happy to report that I am now nearly 6 weeks sober!!  I gave up soda completely cold turkey the week before transfer!  I loved water before, but now I am drinking so much more water and that's gotta be good for me AND the kiddos!! 

I can see it now though....I'm gonna be offering big cash to the first person who brings me a Big Gulp full of Diet Coke post delivery!!  Haha!!


  1. I am grinning reading your blog post - I try to eat fairly balanced/healthy all the time but with surro pregnancies I'm the same way - I plan out my meals and make sure I'm getting the right balance of protein/calcium, etc., make sure baby and me are getting just what we need for a happy healthy pregnancy! I used for quite a bit of my last pregnancy for food planning and tracking.

  2. Great post!! And I'm with you on the diet soda!! I'm an addict--that's the hardest thing for me to give up!

  3. just made me want my Diet soda back. I crave the bubbly deliciousness. Glad to hear your doing well. I too am a huge Whole Foods fan. Good stuff.

  4. Whole Foods has a great selection of italian sodas - fruit and carbonated water - if you are looking for something fizzy! The 365 ginger ale is pretty good too!


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