Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today Is Thursday...

And it's a big day!

Today was the day we had our first beta!  I received a call from the clinic and our beta numbers are:


Let me explain a little bit about what those numbers mean.  It doesn't take much hCG, to confirm a positive pregnancy.  Typically a singleton pregnancy produces beta numbers around 100.  A twin pregnancy is usually around 200.  Visit this site for charts on Betas.   When you look at these charts, we are currently 14 Days Past Ovulation. I will go back to the clinic on Monday for a second beta, and again on Thursday for a 3rd and final beta.  We are looking for our numbers to at least double each time. 

The clinic's thoughts were that our numbers definitely support a twin pregnancy at this point, but obviously, there are no guarantees until you see those 2 beautiful hearts beating on the first ultrasound.  Our first ultrasound is scheduled for April 21st!  I am feeling so grateful....

Also, today marks the day that we are officially 4 weeks pregnant!  What?! How can that be you ask?  Let me run it down for you.  Pregnancy lasts approximately 40 weeks.  However, those weeks commence from the date of a woman's last period.  For most women this is about 2 weeks before conception.  Conception for us occurred on Thursday, March 17th.  We transferred 5 days later on the 22nd.  So 2 days after transfer, we were technically 3 weeks pregnant!  Crazy, right???  Well here are some additional crazy facts for you on this fine Thursday...
  • The sex of the babies has already been determined.
  • The embryos have now burrowed into my lining.
  • The placenta is continuing to form.
  • The first nerve cells are beginning to develop.
  • The basic structure of what will become the digestive system, blood vessels and lungs are outlined.
  • The spine, muscles and bones are already starting to form.
  • The evolving neural tube will eventually become the central nervous system.
All I have to say is:  NO WONDER I AM SO TIRED!!!  :-)


  1. Great Beta!!!!! Can't wait to find out if it's 1 or 2!

    We go for the first US tomorrow, so excited! Our betas were pretty low to support twins but it's not unheard of so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

  2. I know we've already "chatted" but I will just say YAAAAA to the HOOOOO!! So so so so so excited for you and F & G!!

  3. I'm so thrilled for you! Great numbers girl!!!

  4. This is all so very exciting!!

  5. Wow good numbers! April 21 is RIGHT around the corner :)

  6. AWESOME update!! Sooo happy for you and your IPs!! :)

  7. Awesome number!!
    AND, April 21st is MY it will definitely be a good day!!!!
    Oh, and I like how you posted all the fun facts. Pretty cool.

  8. I'm late, but WOOHOO for a great beta!! :-)


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