Thursday, May 19, 2011

11 Weeks!

As we progress through this pregnancy, there are fewer and fewer NEW developments to report in the babies.  I read somewhere last week that at this point, the babies "make-up" looks very similar to an adult, just in miniature form!  Crazy!  The babies' job now is rapid growth!  And speaking of rapid growth...remember last week when these tots were about the size of a kumquat?  (I trust you all know what a kumquat is after my VERY helpful tutorial.)  Well this week, babies are the size of a LIME!!  A LARGE LIME!!  Holy Smokes!!  That's a whole lot of growth in one week if you ask me!!  And they will double that size again in the next few weeks!  Yep...I'm finally gonna start looking pregnant!!  :)  Crown to rump, babies now measure 1.75 inches!!  Wow!

11 Weeks


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