Friday, May 13, 2011

Ultrasound Update!

I'm hoping that all of you heard about the 30+ hour Blogger outage and didn't think I was just leavin' you hangin'!

Ultrasound yesterday went GREAT!!

The twins are both measuring 10 weeks 2 days!  Way to go babies!!  Baby A's heart rate was 172.  Baby B's heart rate was 185.  They were super active--the nurse thinks maybe because it was just after lunch time!  I know babies!! I get excited too when it's lunch time!!  :)  They were of course as cute as can be and I love seeing them so happy and healthy in there!

Baby A has arms bent with hands by face. 
Cutie-pa-tootie if I do say so myself!
Baby B's head is facing Baby A with arms and legs
folded across the body. Baby B is showing off the lobes of the
brain in this picture.  (Gonna be a smart one, I think!)  ;)

And if you're is the video of the ultrasound!

In WAY less exciting news...guess who didn't have to receive a Progesterone injection today? Me! Me! Me!  Progesterone and Prometrium are now on an every OTHER day basis!!  Woo to the Hoo!

And for our belly pic this week....we have....

I know!  Disappointing, right??? I decided that my yoga clothes did not do the twins justice this week.  How 'bout this pic of me in street clothes (and sans head) earlier in the week:

Better, no?

That about sums it up here!  I hope that you are all well and that you have a terrific weekend!! 


  1. Lookin' fantastic, girl!! Beautiful update!! YAHOO babies!!

  2. I can ALMOST see a bump ;) I agree. Looking fantastic!

  3. You and the babies are so darn cute I can't stand it!!!!

  4. SO cute! (You and the babies!) :-)


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