Monday, May 9, 2011

Weaning Off The Meds

Good news. Bad news.

The good news:  Thursday marks the day I get to start weaning off of my meds. 
The bad news:  This is a two week process.

*Paragraph of Griping
I am a pretty patient person, but I have to admit....I'm tired of the meds!  The Jelly Belly's are gross...and inconvenient.  The Progesterone injections are also super inconvenient, but more than that...they're uncomfortable.  The quest to avoid soreness was gone long ago.  Bruises started a couple weeks ago.  And the disgusting lumps I was hoping to avoid???  Yep, they're there too.  Ugh.
*End of Griping

Time to pull up my Big Girl Panties, and  "Git-R-Done!" 
(I secretly love Larry The Cable Guy...shhhh...don't tell)     :-)

After Thursday, I only have to do the Progesterone injection every OTHER day.  Same with the Jelly Belly's. Days that I do the Progesterone--no Jelly Belly's. Days that I don't do the Progesterone--Jelly Belly's.  You get the idea.  I reduce my Estrace to only once a day.  Baby Aspirin and Prenatal Vitamins stay the same.  2 weeks from Thursday, when we are 12 weeks pregnant, I get to stop all medications except the Prenatal Vitamins!!!

So May 26th will be a day of celebration!!  Mark your calendars! :-)


  1. Um, so I totally just marked my calendar. No, really, I did. LOL Yeah for a light at the end of the med tunnel!! WOOO!

  2. yess!! this is a major milestone and I'm so thrilled you are almost there! there is light....

  3. Yay! No more lumps in the trunk! You're lucky your doc has a schedule to wean you off. Mine had me quit cold turkey. Celebrate May 26th for sure...It's a major milestone!

  4. I wish I knew when I could stop the vag. progesterone! Ugh! Sometimes I think the Dr is just being evil to me on purpose!!
    But, yay, for you! :-)

  5. Ash finished her meds last week and it was a huge celebration! So happy for you to be done also.


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