Friday, May 6, 2011

Surrounded By Love

During the last 10 minutes or so of yoga, the instructor dims the lights, we all lay on our sides and use the time to "bond" with baby.  It's very interesting...and not as strange as you might think...bonding with babies that aren't yours.  

I care SO very much for these babies.  They are a major part of my life!   And yes,  I definitely have formed an attachment with them!  The attachment that I feel though is not a mother/child attachment.  Instead, the attachment stems from the relationship that I have with their fathers.  When I think about the babies, I think about their Daddies.  I can just imagine George and Farid with these kids, and it melts my heart when I imagine that time.  My role is very clear to get these babies HOME!  With their Daddies!  I absolutely cannot wait for that moment. I feel privileged to be able to care for them for 9 months, but the part I am most looking forward to is seeing these little ones in the arms of Farid and George...

So last night, for the last 10 minutes of yoga, I used the time to convey love to the babies.  They are so so many people.  I thought about how much their Daddies love them, how much my family and I love them.  How many family members and friends of George and Farid that are anxiously awaiting their arrival. They really are surrounded by love!  I gathered up all that love and focused it all on them....I continued to send that message of love over and over and over to these two beautiful babies.  I hope that they felt the love.

I think they did.


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