Sunday, May 29, 2011

Boring...Just The Way We Like It!

Everything has been nice and boring here in Pregnant Land!  One area of life that we LIKE to be boring!! :) The twins continue to give me no trouble at all!!  Aren't they sweet?!  :)  Probably the thing that's changing the most is my profile!  A few of you "locals" have definitely been noticing the rapid changes in the belly region!  For those of you that aren't local, let me refresh your memory...

9 Weeks
10 Weeks

11 Weeks

12 Weeks
Pretty amazing how things change in just a short period of time, huh?!  In other fun news, I have scheduled my next two appointments, for June and July!  We will have an ultrasound at both of these appointments but the July appointment is a biggie!  A 90 minute ultrasound where we will be able to see lots of details in the babies, like lips, fingernails, and hopefully, their genders!!  George and Farid are planning on coming to Denver for that appointment!!  Hooray!!  I've also scheduled our hospital tour while they are here!  It will be so crazy to see the place where they will finally get to hold these babies for the first time! 
*chills & happy tears*

I trust that you are all well and living very NON-boring lives!  :-)

Until next time....

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