Thursday, May 5, 2011

9 Weeks!

Woo-wee!!  This week is a biggie!

  • Babies are about an inch long!  They are about the size of a grape. 
  • No longer embryos, the babies are now fetuses.  (I still call 'em babies!)  :) 
  • The heart will finish dividing into 4 chambers and the valves start to form.
  • Tiny teeth are forming (OMG!)
  • The organs, muscles and nerves are kicking into gear.
  • The babies are flexing their joints since muscles are developing.
  • Tiny earlobes are taking shape.
  • Now that the basic physiology is in place, the babies are poised for rapid weight gain. (Does this mean me too?  Lol!)

Here's a cool video showing the incredible things the babies have done this last week, and what they will be doing in the next couple weeks!  Amazing!


  1. Loving it. Thanks for posting.

  2. Very cool video Jeni!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!


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