Monday, March 28, 2011

Did Someone Say It's Time For A Nap??

Just checking in with my oh so faithful followers!!  :)  I'm still feeling fabulously pregnant!!  Yesterday was SUCH a busy day!  You know how it some TV, take a nap, enjoy some lunch, nap time, try to watch a little more TV but nope....turns out it's nap time again! I mean, come on people! It's a little ridiculous!!  Nap count on Sunday: 4! 

I guess I should cut my body a little slack...after all, it is growing human beings, right?  Not an easy job!

Today was a little busier with work, pool time with the girls, and grocery shopping,  Nap count: 1 other news...I had 2 pregnancy tests left and tonight, just to make sure all was still advancing in the womb, I decided to take a test.  Now keep in mind that usually it is recommended to use first morning pee, so it is concentrated.  Well, I didn't want to wait til morning so I just went for it.  Get this...of the 2 lines, the pregnancy line developed instantly! BEFORE the control line!!   I must be producing hCG (pregnancy hormone) like nobody's business!!  Now I know I don't have to remind you...but folks, we are only 6 days post transfer!!!  You wanna know what  I think that means??????

I think we've got two in there!!!!!   Eeeeekkkk!!!!  How great would that be????


  1. Twinkies!!!!! A little Farid and a little George! Or Georgette!?!?! Yay!! Keep up the naps. Those little angels deserve it!!

  2. Oh, I know the feeling! I'm still napping all the time! Yaaaaaawwwnnn! :-)

  3. Look at you, speaking surro slang, Mom! Twins would be great, right?! No George...not triplets!!!


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