Friday, March 18, 2011

Laughter and IVF Success

As we look forward to our IVF procedure, I will be keeping in mind that studies have shown that laughter following a transfer can increase pregnancy success rates!  Read this article for more information on that:

Achieving laughter shouldn't be too hard with me!  I laugh pretty darn easily! 

So if you've got somethin' funny---send it my way!! 

In the meantime, if this doesn't make you laugh, nothing will:


  1. Keep laughing! We implant tomorrow. I wish that our laughter could help our surrogate out.

  2. OMG This one is hillarious! I saw it on Ellen....too funny.
    Thanks for the article! I never knew that laughter could help (although I should have realised...laughter really is the best medicine for all sorts of problems). Ill keep that in mind when I have my transfer...although I dont think Ill have a problem with laughing IP's are funny and we have the same warped sense of humour! lol


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