Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sounds Like An Adventure!!

Happy St. Paddy's Day Everyone!

Surrogacy news for the day:

I received my travel plans and due to a lack of reasonable flights out of Denver (maybe because of Spring Break?), we needed to be flexible.  So...I will be leaving Denver at 1:15 AM on Saturday, laying over in Atlanta for an hour and a half and then landing in NY at 9:30 AM Saturday morning!  Sounds like fun, right?!   The good news is that we will get to have a full day in NY on Saturday, instead of arriving Saturday night.  :-)

Right after I got off the phone with the travel agent, I called my sister Jill, who is going to be one of my trusty companions for this transfer trip.  Although a little surprised at the flight time (as was I), she was up for the adventure!  I then called my mom who will be the third amigo for this trip.  She decided she didn't want to miss out on any of the fun, and BOOKED (on purpose!) a red-eye flight from San Diego to NY  and will arrive at the same time as Jill and I!  Crazy, right?!  God bless my family!  They rock at rolling with the punches!

Speaking of punches, I had my first PIO injection last night, and my second one this morning!  Rick did a great job and definitely didn't have the stage fright problem I had with the Lupron!  The actual injection is no big deal...the medication going into the muscle just feels a little achy.  After the injection, I give myself a major butt-rub for about 5 minutes while trying to "work out" that muscle by moving around.  Then it's heating pad time...for as long as I can afford to sit on one!  What I am trying to avoid is bruising (no biggie), aching (I can handle that), and lumping (ewwwww......GROSS!!!!)  I have heard of the golf  ball sized "lumps in the rumps" that gals get while on Progesterone.  I don't know why, but that is the only thing that freaks me out! :-)

Anyhoo....In WAY more important news, egg retrieval was this morning and the donor is a ROCK STAR!  They were able to retrieve 20 eggs, which the guys dutifully fertilized!  Way to go team!  :-)  Little George and Farid babies are being made as I write this post! 

I'm off to get a mani/pedi today!  Gotta look good for my guys! Get a few more things done around the house, start packing, and before I know it, I will be NY bound!


  1. I love red eye flights. Sleep through the crappy plane flights and get there ready to go!
    Sounds like things are going very well so far. Continued luck!

  2. Ack! So excited for you!! Feel free to make a pit stop in WI on your way home! LOL

    And you HAVE to keep me posted :)

  3. YAY!!! You'll be knocked up before you know it, lol! Good luck!


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