Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good Luck Charms

There are a few things that are considered to be good luck when it comes to IVF:

  • Eating pineapple
  • Eating french fries
  • The colors green and yellow
Green for fertility, Yellow for luck.

I've got the green and yellow covered.  My daughter Skyler has made us all green and yellow friendship bracelets to wear!  So sweet, right????

And you can bet your bippy we're gonna be eatin' some pineapple and french fries!  I'm not sure how much I truly believe in good luck charms, but I am certainly NOT going to choose this particular occasion to doubt them!  I'll do whatever it takes!!  :-)

Feel free to sport your green and yellow, and enjoy a couple a fries and some pineapple on our behalf on transfer day! (Tuesday)

And dare I say....fingers crossed........


  1. I never heard about the luck charms. Thanks!
    Have a great girls weekend in NYC too!

  2. Fingers toes and eyes crossed!!!! hehehehe...I have a feeling its going to be very successful!But then again, I believe positivity breeds I dont think negative! (Unless its for a test I dont want to be positive LOL)

  3. Ash ate fresh pineapple, had special green fertility socks, a green lucky shirt, and wore a fertility goddess necklace. We also all went to McDonalds afterwards but out transfer was early so she had to have a hashbrown instead of french fries but it must have all done the trick! Good luck with everything this week.

  4. Cute! My acupuncturist said to eat pineapple too. She said it aids in fertility, I guess it worked! Good luck!


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