Thursday, March 10, 2011

I need your help...

Our donor's egg retrieval is scheduled for sometime next week.  The exact day will depend on how her body is responding to the medication she is being given.

I have a special request:

Can you all join me in putting out the positive vibes for a Monday egg retrieval?  :-) 

That means that I would get word this Saturday, fly out next Wednesday, transfer either Thursday, or more than likely Saturday, and fly home on Sunday.  Rick's birthday is on Monday the 21st and although  I won't be doing any back flips on that day, I WOULD like to be here. 

*Rick is probably going to be so upset that I even posted this, as he "stopped" celebrating birthdays years ago and insists every year that he just wants it to be a "regular day".*

Sooooo......repeat after me....


...and continue to repeat until I tell you to stop!  :-)


  1. You are just sooo cute!!! I'm so happy for Farid and George, you are an exceptional lady in their
    life, and boy, are they lucky to have you!!
    I admire your strength, your faith and honesty.
    You can count on me crossing my fingers!!!!!
    Good luck!

  2. I've been chanting "MON-DAY, MON-DAY" all night for ya!!

  3. I'm hoping it's a Monday retrieval for you! If it helps any I was told the ED's usually go earlier in the week window that you were given. That being said our ED went at the very last minute lol. After her first appt with CFA you will know closer to the time she'll be ready. We were given pretty good estimates after that first appt. Good Luck!!!


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