Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Who's got a nice thick lining?

I do! I do! I do!!

Had my 2nd (and final) ultrasound and bloodwork today!  At this point, they want my lining to be measuring at least a 7.  Well guess what?  Mine is measuring 9.2!

That's right--my uterus is currently creating a nice, fluffy mattress pad that those little embryos are going to sink down into and snuggle up for 9 months or so!  :) 

We should know our exact transfer date here in about 1.5-2 weeks!  I'm really ready...and starting to have dreams about the transfer AND being pregnant!  I know...scary.

And speaking of being pregnant....call me crazy, but I had a craving last  night, and I'm telling you, it's because I am mentally preparing for pregnancy!  Haha!!!  While watching TV last night, ok...I will admit it, while watching The Bachelor last night, I noticed that they were eating Jelly Beans.  Well, I don't really like Jelly Beans, but they looked SOOOO good!  Weird, huh?  I even said to Rick,  "mmmm.....Jelly Beans sound good!"  Prepare yourself for an "awwwwww" moment:  Today, when I got home from my appointment, there was a bag of Jelly Beans on my nightstand with a note that simply said, "Love You". 

Best. Hubby. Ever.

Well, that's all the news for now!  Over and out.


  1. I was wondering why Rick asked me what I would do if Colbs had a craving for Jelly Beans. Well played, Rick. Oh, and super news about your Charmin-like lining.

  2. Awwwwww! :-) That was very sweet of him. And WOO HOO for fluffy lining!


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