Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

We've had quite a few changes happening in our yard this week!  I absolutely love it when my flowers start to bloom!  I'm a little bit of a flower-aholic so I know this isn't quite as exciting to others!

I am "that lady" in the neighborhood who tempts fate and starts planting in my yard when others say it's too early!  I just can't help myself!  For six months, Colorado has been various shades of brown!  It's time for some color people!  It is my personal goal to keep Home Depot in business during the months of April and May. (and maybe June...)

What's my favorite kind of flower you ask?  I'm really picky!
  I like flowers that bloom.  Yep. That's it!  :)

I just can't help but see the parallel between all of the life and blooming that is going on in the yard,
 and the life and blooming that is going on in my uterus!

Life is so beautiful.


  1. You have flowers already?? I'm so jealous! We've still got snow :(

  2. Ha! I can't even keep a house plant alive!


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