Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Signs of Pregnancy

When I say that I feel pregnant, do you wonder what that feels like??

Sure, I have the emotions.  Sad commercials are a real problem for me these days...someone does or says something particularly nice, or meaningful and I'm a mess....

Fatigue.  Good grief.  I have a question for you.  Why is it that normally I jog up the stairs in my house, and now I slowly climb the stairs only to reach the top and have to catch my breath??  I'm beginning to dislike that I live in a 4 level home!  Naps are common and about 2.7 seconds after I put the kids to bed...I'm a goner.

The coolest feeling that I have is that in my very low abdomen (think just above the pubic bone) it feels like I have a tangerine/ping pong ball just under the skin.  I love that feeling.  It's just a nice reminder that there are things going on!

Our first beta is tomorrow...

I have all sorts of emotions going on about tomorrow's appointment.  I'm get those numbers and possibly have an idea of whether we've got 1 little one, or 2.  I'm nervous...I soooo want to have nice, solid numbers.  I'm grateful...that we have been blessed with a pregnancy on our first try.

I will definitely keep you posted with the news tomorrow!  Thanks again for all of the love and support.  It means more than you could ever know.


  1. Fatigue is no fun...I struggled with having enough energy putting my shoes on this morning, ugh! Fingers crossed for tomorrow!!

  2. aaahhh... I hear ya' on the stairs! Whew!

  3. Good lord four levels? Do you live in Trump Tower? ;)
    Good luck with the betas!


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