Friday, March 11, 2011

Ever "Hear" Of These?

Bellybuds are a product that I would really like to use during this pregnancy!  Basically, Farid and George are able to record their voices and I can then play their voices, via Bellybuds, to the babies in utero!!  Since George and Farid live so far away, I feel like this is a perfect way to assist the bonding process, allowing the babies to hear their voices every day!

I know that it can be hard to talk to an unborn baby, but what about reading a book?  It's the VOICE that counts!  We want those babies to recognize their Daddy's voices when they are born! The guys can also download music that they want the babies to hear!    Not too much Robyn and Gaga guys....I may not like all of the dancing that will produce!!!  :-)


  1. Yea, I heard about this and I think it's cool! I was gonna mention it to my IM once we got furthur along.

  2. George found this just as fascinating, strange and interesting as I did. It does sound like a cool idea.

  3. I bought these for my former IPs. Such a neat concept!!!


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